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Experimental BBC RandD turns to……… newsprint




The double page spread in the picture above has been produced by the BBC’s R&D department. Yes, the people more usually associated with cutting-edge technological advances have published a free newspaper.

In a collaboration with the Arts & Humanities Research Council, the 24-page colour tabloid was put together with the Newspaper Club - a name we’ll no doubt all soon become much more familiar with after the news that 4ip is to invest in it.

Visitor’s to last night’s Manchester Social Media Cafe became some of the first recipients of the publication thanks to host for the night at the BBC Club, Ian Forrester.

He told me that the idea for the publication had come about simply because people liked print and the Newspaper Club made it easy to produce.

The content for the paper has made available online, but the newspaper offers the chance to distribute it around areas where its readership are likely to gather.

It’s a meaty read with eight essays looking at some of the challenges faced by the BBC.

In the editor’s letter, Jim McClellan says of 8; ” So why is it called 8. The simple answer is that the Knowledge Exchange Programme (KEP) produced eight research studies in total covering everything from how the BBC works with user generated content and how older users use digital services to be the development of a 3D online world designed for children……..

“Overall the writers here are positive about the more open, sharing BBC championed by the KEP studies. In fact, they want more. Several suggest the BBC should become a kind of open platform, a space where others can build on the foundations it lays and maintains.”

Interesting stuff indeed – available online and now in print!

* Elsewhere at Social Media Cafe, the evening was dominated by a Ceefax love-fest with a remarkable TV page inspired bingo as well as the premiere of a documentary covering people’s memories about the service put together by Maria of Littlestar. I’ll update with a link to a version of the film just as soon as its available on YouTube. Well worth a click!

So far the other blog posts I’ve seen covering the Social Media Cafe event;

* John Clements takes a look at the session about the highly participative Cutting Room Experiment.

* Tim Difford filmed a flavour of each of the session and provides a round-up of the whole evening.

* Julia did the honours on the photography front and has produced some lovely portraits.

I’m sure there’ll be more out there so, please do share a link below if you have blogged it.

Here’s to the next one!

Written by sarahhartley

July 8th, 2009 at 8:14 pm

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  1. Thanks for the trackback, Sarah.
    #smc_mcr seems to be going from strength to strength considering the turnout and quality of the sessions last night.

    Jon Clements

    8 Jul 09 at 9:40 pm

  2. Good stuff Sarah, thanks for the write up.

    Ian Forrester

    13 Jul 09 at 12:49 pm

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