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Data journalism in the newsroom secrets of success plus Freedom of Information request inspiration

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Factors behind successful data journalism teams

A new report from Knight has looked at some of the big players in the data journalism sphere worldwide (BBC. NYT, Guardian, Chicago Tribune and more) to look at the secrets of their success.

The four key findings (ironically distributed in the pdf below) are in summary:

1. Locating the data-journalism team close to the news desk: Members of data journalism teams emphasize that being close to the news desk gives them critical access to editors and reporters as they and the data team develop and plan data-driven news coverage.
2. Encouraging reporters and developers to work together to come up with ideas for data-driven stories: Because developers and reporters often have specialized skill sets, it’s important to bring them together to brainstorm story ideas.
3. Recruiting reporters and developers who bridge the skills gap: Find or develop people who can work as journalists and developers on your data journalism team.
4. Producing stories that show what data mean and why the audience should care: Data-driven stories about topics affecting the lives of news consumers produce impact and drive Web traffic.

Integrating data journalism in the newsroom by

(nearly) 500 ways to introduce yourself to the local FOI officer

Data journalist Claire Miller has come up with this cracking list of ideas for story prompts on Freedom of Information – everything from the cost of training days for councillors to the number of forced adoptions.

This list needs bookmarking – on the office wall!

Don’t forget there’s advice about formulating FOI requests and an easy, transparent system which helps cut down on duplication to make the application at

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January 10th, 2013 at 7:47 am

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