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Success in staying offline

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Here I am back online after 14 days. Yes, I did keep to my self-imposed confinement and enjoyed all that the sunny town of Kalkan has to offer (surprise, surprise a lot of foodie stuff which will feature on my other blog soon).

Entering into a pact meant I couldn’t crumble as I didn’t want to get embroiled in his work issues on holiday any more that he did with mine. So online abstinence was the deal and we stuck to it.

There were some testing times – the celebrations which erupted when Turkey beat Croatia  with fireworks, convoys of cars and scooters, dancing and flag waving in the streets – were scenes just made for sharing. It took some serious restraint not to send a single tweet, utter or even a picture of the sheer joyous (and trouble-free) exuberance.

Perhaps surprisingly for a journalist whose first media is text it was the pictures (video) which seemed so unnatural. Snapping and sending to Flickr has been one operation for so long now that bringing my phone and camera home full of pictures to process feels like going back to a time when you’d drop your films off at Boots.

So, with an internet cafe on every street corner and free wi-fi i just about every bar and hotel, it turned into a  case of will power at times.

But I’m glad we did – until now. The daunting catch up has started…… the beach life is fading.

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June 23rd, 2008 at 9:31 pm

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Goodbye Web 2.0 world

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I’m preparing to go cold turkey and do 14 days straight without internet use of any type. Frankly the prospect is fairly terrifying.

My family has already started to set odds on how many days it will take me to find an internet cafe in the remote area of the world I’m sending myself to.

I can’t actually remember the last time I spent a whole day offline – it definatley wasn’t this year.

So while many people would find the prospect of a fortnight away from the laptop/mobile/PC etc. a normal break, for me it’s exceptional.

I live my life online – that’s what I do!

I’ll also miss some important occasions. Firstly the DEN trip to Liverpool then the two awards we’re up for – the north west daily newspaper website and the Press Gazette Multimedia Publisher.

If I had internet access I’d know about all the above within hours of each event but now I’m reliant on someone texting me or catching up with a manic trawl round when I get home.

The break has also made it a necessity to depart from the usual services I use. In doing so I’ve come up with a sort of league table.

So here is the top ten online services according to current usefulness (to me);

10. First to go was the work email. No issues here, just set that out of office reply and breathe a sigh of relief!

9. Seeing as I’m not going to be online, this serves no purpose for the next two weeks and there isn’t any community as such to belong to.

8. Flickr. I love Flickr as a way to organise my pictures and I find it an invaluable tool for use with my blogging activity but I haven’t invested much time into making contacts so the community element isn’t so strong.

7. Seesmic. I haven’t used it enough to be truly part of the community and deep down still struggle with the front of camera bit. So the goodbye there wasn’t too much of a tug.

6. Utterz.  Although I find it a useful tool for occasionalreports on the go, the community aspect of it hasn’t yet grabbed me. The integration with Twitter and blogs pushes it up a bit.

5. Next were the two “work” blogs. Trickier. The one blog I can easily hand over to my excellent co-blogger but the food blog? Well it will just have to wait – I hope the 50,000 plus users will bear with me.

4. Home email accounts. This is how people I actually want to communicate with me get hold of me.

3. Plurk. Strange that this should be so high on the list as I’ve only just started using it. However it’s intriguing enough in its posibilities to make it almost to the last turn-off.

2. My personal blog. That’s why you’re reading this. It has also not been around for very long but has already put me in touch with so many truly well-informed and entertaining people that it’s invaluable to me.

1. Twitter. Yes it has to be the last to go not least because the final tweet will also update Facebook and Friendfeed. So there you have it – the easy integration with other applications is the clinching factor.

It’s also interesting to note that if I’d done this same exercise a year ago, many of these services wouldn’t have figured.

So as I wonder what next year’s list might consist of, it’s good bye from me – for now.

Written by sarahhartley

June 8th, 2008 at 4:23 pm