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#ukgc12 UK Gov Camp day one: A day of fun and thoughtfulness

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Picture by Sharon O'Dea:

The annual unconference for people interested in the way digital tools and technologies can help provide better government services, UK Gov Camp 12, got underway yesterday.

It was an interesting day and inspiring to meet so many enthusiastic and dedicated people who really want to change things – a view of public servants not often thrust into the limelight.

I created this collection of links, tweets, pix, videos and observations from the day using the so-lo-mo platform I’m involved in,

It started as a live blog in the morning but I’ve since added items of interest which I’ve seen in other places in an attempt to capture some of the themes of the day through the eyes of those who were there, plus some of my own input.

I hope it’s useful, if you have links or other content you’d like to see there, please feel free to add to it. (If you’re not yet a member of, you can use this invite code to join:

Listening to many of the conversations yesterday, and particularly the afternoon session about the challenges faced in disseminating relevant news, it struck me that there’s shift in approach being discussed in many quarters, a move away from that traditional  PR route of issuing press releases or relying on established relationships with a handful of journalists.

The new opportunities offered through networks enabled by digital technologies are now becoming apparent in all aspects of comms work and it got me thinking about how a geo-based news platform like might be able to fit into that landscape. I’d be delighted to continue those thoughts and discussions with any Gov Campers – drop me a line at – there’s also more about on the blog, on twitter @n0tice or on Facebook.

Written by sarahhartley

January 21st, 2012 at 12:43 pm